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EdMed Art / Atonement Studios - Artwork by Eddie Medina

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About EdMed

Eddie Medina


I'm a freelance artist working out of Dallas, Texas. Although I like to dabble in many areas of art such as mosaics, airbrush, stained glass, photography, painting, etc., my main area of interest is illustration. In the past I have produced work for comics, children’s books, local advertising, logo designs for various organizations and video game storyboarding. I taught art full time for nine years and part time for an additional four years before committing myself to full time artwork production from my studio.
I would love to help you with any artistic visions or needs you might have.  Please contact me for my current rates at or
I am also available to speak at events, classrooms, Church gatherings or to help judge at any art competitions.

All material is copyright 2012 Eddie Medina